Friday, 16 July 2010

my blackberry's memopad

title: children's hospital
memo: on adult swim

title: everyone falls...
memo: in love sometimes (song to download)
"the older i get, man, the dumber that i was" (lyrics by the grouch...i think)

title: hjfaf
memo: two door cinema

memo: fkdhf

title: southside
memo: moby ft gwen stefani

title: thought
memo: what we have on this earth is evidence. tons of evidence and lots of experts. if we think of history as a puzzle (each piece of evidence...natural or one puzzle piece), each expert knows the location of one piece of the puzzle. the experts, however, do not communicate and thus each one possesses a very narrow view (understanding) of the puzzle as a whole. the experts must communicate, think liberally and with an open mind, in order to solve the puzzle. this is essentially erick von daniken's argument

seems like i've been on crack so far this summer..

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