Tuesday, 3 January 2012

FITB (poem)

___ing my way to salvation. this is salvation through ___.
go ___ in the abyss. meet you there. look for one in
___ leather and silver ___, drunk off ___ and high on ___.
i'm not as ___ as i used to be. explain to me again the calculus of ___.
dreamed i was ___. you just smoked and watched ___ burn.
sick of this ___. want to paint ___ with ___, for reality is ___
and ___ is all i trust.
i was raised on ___, and we shared ___ that night, for ours is
the ___ generation.
go hide until everybody ___, for that is how the world will ___.
see, one has to be ___ to ___. tell me again where ___ ends and
___ starts. i want to be there and make ___ art.

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